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Hidden Villa Ranch is a family owned company. Tim Luberski’s father, Edward Luberski, started the family egg business in 1945 on a modest egg-laying chicken ranch in Arcadia, CA. In 1953 the family relocated their operation to the La Sierra Hills in Riverside, California. Tim was raised in a home adjacent to the ranch and learned the importance of a strong work ethic at an early age. He was stamping egg cartons at age 5, gathering eggs before age 10 and working as a swamper on a delivery truck at age 11.

Tim attended University of San Diego, where he graduated with a B.A. in French and Mathematics in 1973. In 1976, Tim earned his MBA in Finance from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, while Tim was attending USC, his father passed away and his family was forced to sell the ranch. To support his family, Tim began bringing eggs from Riverside County and selling them to customers in Los Angeles, using his apartment as his office.

Within a few years, Tim purchased an egg route and hired a few part-time employees, allowing him to officially cross over from production to distribution. Tim then recruited USC fraternity students, athletes, and even players from his community softball team to run a modest egg delivery business.

Tim's "little egg company that could" overcame the usual obstacles of limited cash flow and resources that so often plague start-up companies by putting every cent back into his business and working 80-hour weeks. His commitment to this formula, combined with his original company mission of "have fun, make money and do the right thing", inspired his employees and created an ideal working environment for his vendors, customers and employees. In 1983 and 1984, Tim Luberski and Hidden Villa were recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the 500 fastest growing privately owned companies. He led the way in refrigerating trucks for deliveries and bringing shell eggs from the Midwest into California and Arizona. Expansion at Hidden Villa Ranch continued into the late 1980s, with the creation of a dairy export division. By this time, Hidden Villa had also become a major wholesaler/trader of cheeses, importing millions of pounds per year of processed cheese from Germany.

By 1984, he purchased one of his large competitors, adding supermarket customers to the foodservice customers he started with. He established relationships with several new egg producers from all over the country, tapping into their cutting-edge egg grading/processing/supply strengths and new safety innovations so he could service national as well as regional chains.

Presently, Hidden Villa Ranch operates corporate offices in Fullerton, California, with annual sales in excess of 500 million dollars for its current calendar year. Hidden Villa Ranch is regarded as one of the most innovative food companies in the nation. Our daily business is comprised of marketing, trading, wholesaling, producing, exporting and distribution. Already a dominant supplier and producer of commodity and cage-free eggs, we have become one of the largest egg distributors in the USA. We now arrange for ongoing deliveries of eggs and other products and services to customers around the globe.
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